Since my daughter was born, my wife and I have found ourselves spending a lot more time at home, and in need of things to keep us occupied. Given our long time love of beer, brewing seemed like a natural new hobby for us to take on! And it sure has been a fun one.

Here are some of the things we have brewed:

Toasted S'mores Stout Toasted S'mores Stout
Style: Sweet Stout
Approx ABV: 6.0%
Description: Sweet stout with brown sugar, graham crackers, cocoa powder, whole marshmallows, and vanilla bean.

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Allagash White Clone Allagash White Clone
Style: Witbier
Approx ABV: 5.1%
Description: An attempt to replicate Allagash's wonderful White Ale. Adapted from a recipe in the July / August 2018 issue of Zymurgy magazine.

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Juniper Mead Juniper Mead
Style: Metheglin
Approx ABV: 13.9%
Description: This is our attempt at making a Colorado Mountain spiced mead. We started out with what I would describe as "Juniper Berry Tea". To that, we added a combination of Clover and Alfalfa honey sourced from right here in the Rocky Mountains.

We plan to split this in secondary fermentation into 5 different 1-gallon batches. One will stay just juniper; the others will have other spices added to see how the juniper plays with other flavors.

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Rhubarb Berliner Weisse Rhubarb Berliner Weisse
Style: Berliner Weisse
Approx ABV: 4.3%
Description: Our first from-scratch recipe, utilizing Philly Sour yeast to make a quick sour ale. Aged in secondary with a 1-gallon bag of rhubarb harvested from our home garden.

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Oakarita Oakarita
Style: Gose
Approx ABV: ???
Description: The same base grain bill as our Rhubarb Berliner Weisse, with the addition of salt & coriander to make it a Gose... and then lime juice and peel, orange juice and peel, agave syrup, and French oak chips soaked in a Plata tequila! Far from a traditional beer, and a totally unknown ABV due to the tequila, but a lovely interpretation of a classic Margarita, in beer form.

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Dirty Blonde Dirty Blonde
Style: Blonde? Pale ale? Beer.
Approx ABV: 4.3%
Description: This batch was a happy little mistake. I didn't end up getting nearly as much conversion from the grains as I wanted, and ended up a full percentage point lower on ABV than intended. So instead of using this as the base for a few more complex beer I had planned, this just got bottled off and turned into a lovely, absolutely crushable, lightly fruity, lightly hoppy beer. Blonde? Slightly hazy pale? Who knows? Who cares! It's delicious!

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Southern Peach Southern Peach
Style: Blonde
Approx ABV: ~6%
Description: This delightful little peach of a blonde is like a perfect slice of the south, but born right here in Colorado. With the smooth, silky juiciness of the peaches, and just a subtle hint of oak and bourbon, her rebellious side manages to peek out from behind her sweetness.

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Lakewood Fermentation Club Bière de Garde Lakewood Fermentation Club Bière de Garde
Style: Bière de Garde
Approx ABV: ~7.2%
Description: Brewed in collaboration with Tom's Brew Shop, Propagate Lab, and members of the Lakewood Fermentation Club, this Biere de Garde is being held as a control batch to be compared with a barrel blend made from batches brewed by other LFC members.

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Large Fluffy Clouds Large Fluffy Clouds
Style: Hazy IPA
Approx ABV: 7.1%
Description: This hazy IPA was the very first recipe I started creating, and by far the most complex grain bill. Turning out to be FAR too large of a batch for my system, it didn't come out quite as expected, but ended up being something with extreme promise and worthy of future iterations.

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Funemployment Lager Funemployment Lager
Style: American Lager
Approx ABV: 4.2%
Description: After being laid off in November 2023, I wanted to create something light and refreshing, and very inexpensive to brew. This used Mystery-X hops grown in my back yard as first wort hops, producing a very subtle hop note. This may have been an accidental clone of Bud Heavy.

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Murphy's Scottish Export Murphy's Scottish Export
Style: Scottish Export
Approx ABV: 6.3%
Description: Attempting to re-capture the magic of an accidental amber we created long ago, we accidentally created this lovely Scottish Export ale instead. In fact it's so tasty that not only will we be re-brewing it soon, but it will be our first beer entered into a real competition: Sweetheart's Revenge 2024!

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